Do you feel like you communicate with your dog? You know when they’re happy, sad, and upset? Careful. When you assume your dog is making a connection between getting into the garbage and your reprimanding, think about how your dog understands our human world. Dogs don’t quite understand why we get upset about these things. We may be angry about a messy floor, germs all over the floor, and the time it takes to clean up, but these are only things that a human understands when shaming a dog about making a mess. According to an article in ScienceAlert, dogs are actually incapable of feeling remorse. Nonetheless, they sure are funny when we find them in naughty situations.

Denver is the king of guilty dogs on youtube. Who ate the kitty treats? It was.. Denver!

Two naughty beagles.

The guiltiest Corgi still want a belly rub.

This Buzzfeed compilation is one of the funniest videos of guilty dogs online. They’re so sorry.