What are the funniest cat and dog memes on the internet?

What exactly is meme? A meme is a viral joke, expressed in a popular image or joke shared online. You can find many memes on KnowYourMeme.com

Some animals do the darndest things. As a pet owner, you have to have a sense of humor to appreciate some of the confusing things that pets often do. If we’re lucky, we might be able to catch some of those moments in perfect time, immortalizing them forever online. Other owners dress their animal in human attire, creating some of the most entertaining images for all to enjoy. In recent years as memes have grown more popular, pet memes have become especially sought-after. Below are some of the most used and popular pet memes on the internet today. If these memes don’t make you laugh, nothing will.

Some of the most entertaining pet memes involve cats, dogs, and other animals in human dress. Whether it’s a suit, sailor garments, or even something as simple as a pair of glasses, there is something about animals wearing clothes that is just whole-heartedly hilarious.

Lawyer Dog and Business Cat are some of the funniest pet memes online today. Both images have been used for hundreds of jokes. In a consultancy with his/her client, Lawyer Dog convinces its client of their strong case against their opposition. Business Cat turns high-stakes corporate America into cat puns that are witty, and comically refreshing.

business scott reed DVM

Business Cat: Courtesy of MemeCenter.com

lawyer dog Scott Reed DVM

Courtesy of TheDogWord.com

AristoCat and Old Money Dog are some more great pet memes. With amusing sartorial elegance, both animals are in Pre-Victorian-Victorian dress, giving their butlers tasks to fulfill. With a sense of arrogant sophistication, both both pets make innately pet-like requests.


Courtesy of Quickmeme.com


dog meme scott reed dvm

Courtesy of Pleated-Jeans.com


Of course, some pets are just photogenic (or not!). Some favorites among meme enthusiasts include The Most Interesting Cat in the World, and of course, Grumpy Cat.


The Most Interesting Cat in the World is a feline parody of the Dos XX Most Interesting Man in the World spokesperson. This meme focuses on cats, and their unusual habit of inconveniencing their owners at the most inopportune of times. For example, your cat doesn’t always throw up on your carpet, but when he/she does, it happens to be on the new Persian rug.


most interesting cat scott reed dvm

Courtesy of Imgflip.com



Grumpy Cat is the most known example of an animal made famous by the internet. TardarSauce, as she is called by her owners, is known for her distinct facial expressions. Although she seems to express feelings of annoyance and anger, her face naturally gives her a constant expression of annoyance. Grumpy Cat’s image has become so famous, that her owners have made millions off merchandising.


cat meme Scott Reed DVM

Courtesy of QuickMeme.com


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