We all love a funny pug.

Moreover, we all know those pug-owners who are perhaps a little too pug-sessed.

According to a recent article published by care2.com, their popularity is actually damaging to how the breed is being bred.

“These dogs are dying, we think, four years earlier than dogs of the same size with normal-shaped skulls.” This is happening in cases from Australia, to the United States and United Kingdom.

Paul McGreevy writes “They have got all of the tissues in their head that a normal dog has, but they have less room, they get dental crowding and they also get the soft palette hanging down.”

People want the cutest pugs.

Let’s accept a little bit of ugly in our dogs and keep our pugs’ tails wagging for years to come!

Check out some hilarious pug videos! This is why we love the breed so much. They’re SO special!

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