All pets have very special, individual personalities. While some cats are playful, some are intolerant. Most have a bit of both. Introducing your cat to a new dog or puppy is something most pet owners fear, as cats can often be cold toward new additions. However, the success of a cat and dog’s relationship often comes down to how compatible their personalities are. In this way pets aren’t so different from their human counterparts.

While it’s often depicted in cartoons that they are mortal enemies, these species don’t always hate each other.  Felines typically fear canines more than the other way around. Thus, cats will scratch or hiss which will provoke the dog.

There is an instinct of the dog to defend its territory. Most dogs will chase, or try to scare off through threat displays, any animal that enters their territory. But there are more examples of dogs and cats getting along than being enemies.

Let’s take a look at these adorable cat and dog friendships!

Maybe these cats and dogs are an inspiration for us humans about companionship. We can all overcome our differences and learn to get along!


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